Service Brochure

Kobold offers a range of services for coil conveyed completions, remediation and drilling services. Please fill out your contact information for Kobold’s Service Brochure.

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Success Study: Surefrac Service

Significantly increase efficiencies with Kobold Completions Inc.

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Success Study: Completions Reverse-Cleaning Tool

Kobold’s efficient flow-through / reverse-cleaning tool minimizes downtime, optimizes oil production.

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Success Study: Water Consumption Savings by 900 cubic meters

Customer saves water consumption by considerable 900 cubic metres from using Kobold’s Surefrac service.

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Kobold’s Corporate Health and Safety Policy

Safety is an integral part of our work, and we are committed to ensuring practical and effective measures are in place to protect the health and safety of our employees, clients, property, the environment and the public.

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