Isofrac Service

Isolation Fracturing

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Kobold’s Isofrac service is engineered to provide complete isolation of stages requiring either remediation or new fractures.

To re-stimulate existing or cutting new stages, Kobold has engineered the multi-functional Sandhawk bottomhole assembly to remediate and re-energize existing wellbores.

Kobold’s Isofrac service allows for complete isolation between stages. The Sandhawk bottomhole assembly is configured with a multiple cup assembly, which isolates each zone for fracture or remediation fluid placement.

In applications without Kobold’s Sandport sleeves, the Sandhawk bottomhole assembly can also be configured to straddle existing sleeves or perforations to allow treatment of these stages.

Kobold Isofrac Service in Action

Kobold’s Isofrac service cost effectively allows access to the formation in new or existing wells for remediation, better initiation between stages and/or compromised casing integrity.




  • Cemented liner or open hole

  • Horizontal and vertical wells

  • Oil or gas formations, and sour wells

  • New or existing wells

  • Fracture pumped down the coiled tubing or jointed tubing

  • Re-frac and acid placements

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Features & Benefits

  • Complete stage isolation for fracturing

  • Minimal lost time on screen-outs as it can be circulated out

  • Sandhawk bottomhole assembly tool can be configured to provide Abrasa cutting tool perforations on the same run

  • Single tool trip completions

  • Positive locate at each stage


Casing Size

114.3 mm
(4.5 in.)

139.7 mm
(5.5 in.)

Casing Weight

17.26 - 20.09 kg/m
(11.60 - 13.50 lb/ft)

25.30 - 29.76 kg/m
(17.00 - 20.00 lb/ft)

Max. Differential

53,600 - 85,600 kPa
(7,780 - 12,410 psi)

73,400 - 87,100 kPa
(10,640 - 12,640 psi)