Downhole Memory Instrumentation

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Guidehawk memory instrumentation sub captures multiple data points downhole.

Analyzing downhole parameters are critical and necessary for reliable and efficient operations and learnings. Understanding the movements and forces directly connected to the bottomhole assembly, has helped improve the tool’s overall performance. Kobold developed the Guidehawk to ensure ongoing improvements in its downhole developments, along with capturing important post-frac data analysis for operators.

Guidehawk is a uniquely designed memory instrumentation sub that measures strain, pressure, temperature, shock and tool orientation. The Guidehawk solution allows for accurate downhole data to monitor tool movement between and during frac operations. This data sub provides assurances that the Sandhawk bottomhole assembly has opened or closed a Sandport sleeve.


Advancing our technology.

Kobold engineered Guidehawk to advance our downhole technologies, based on the data accumulated during thousands of well completions. This instrumentation has also been beneficial for coiled tubing, service providers and operators with post-job analysis, to better understand the downhole environment. Guidehawk has given us the ability to identify potential well integrity issues and help mitigate risks.

Kobold’s Research & Development team continue to optimize data capture solutions for real-time Guidehawk applications.

Annular Flow Guidehawk

Annular Flow Guidehawk

Features & Benefits

  • For conveyance with coiled tubing rig and well control equipment

  • Fits multiple coiled tubing sizes

  • Echo real-time frac sleeve confirmation can offer verification and overlay with Guidehawk to capture multiple data points

  • Add-on option for the data integrity of your next well’s completions


  • Cemented or open hole

  • Oil and gas formations

  • Annular and through-tubing options

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Recording Specifications

Pressure (annular/through-tubing) - 2,000 Hz

Strain (tension/compression) -
2,000 Hz

Torque - 2,000 Hz

High side - 40 Hz

Temperature - 40 Hz

Annular Tool Size

Outside diameter - 69.50 mm (2.74 in.)

Inside diameter - 25.40 mm (1.00 in.)

Total length - 60.96 cm (2.40 in.)

Through-Tubing Tool Size

Outside diameter - 93.98 mm (3.70 in.)

Inside diameter - 43.18 mm (1.70 in.)

Total length - 60.96 cm (2.40 in.)