Sandport Frac Sleeves

Durable and Reliable Sleeves

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Kobold’s Sandport Frac Sleeves have a proven and reliable run history.

Kobold engineers durable, reliable Sandport sliding sleeves that reduce frac time, project costs and risk.

Our sliding sleeve is engineered to function predictably and consistently, with enhanced sealing and pressure integrity. Each Sandport sleeve is designed to provide 360° penetration of the target formation.

Kobold provides both a reclosable sleeve for open-frac-close completions, and a compact open-only sleeve design. The internal sleeve features a Surelocate profile, providing positive locate confirmation with our Sandhawk bottomhole assembly.

Sandport Reclosable Frac Sleeve

Sandport Reclosable Frac Sleeve


Sandport Open-Only Frac Sleeves

Kobold’s open-only compact frac sleeves are only 46 cm (18 in.) in length and weigh 15.9 kg (36 lb). They are easy to handle for fast and efficient installation. The Surefrac service then opens the Sandport sleeves, leaving the ports locked open. Our open-only sleeve provides confidence in locating target stages and maximizes efficiency of frac operations.



  • Available for 114.3 mm (4.5 in.) and 139.7 mm (5.5 in.) liner casing

  • Oil or gas formations, and sour wells

  • Torque-through design for quick and easy installation

  • Matches or exceeds parent casing specifications

  • Enhanced internal seal redundancy

  • Multiple ports provides 360° access to the formation

  • Available in a variety of API thread connections

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Sandport Reclosable Frac Sleeves

Kobold’s reclosable frac sleeves are only 80.4 cm (31.7 in.) in length and weigh an average of 32.9 kg (72.5 lb). The reclosable frac sleeves provide a reliable solution during the initial fracture and ongoing wellbore production management. During completions, the Sandport sleeves can be opened once or closed post-frac. This provides the flexibility to optimize well production, or to implement a water flood strategy during the well’s lifecycle.

This completion method allows for future wellbore management to re-energize production or close off water thief zones. Closing sleeves after the frac, can also reduce the requirement for post-frac clean-out runs for increased operational savings.

Sandport Open-Only Frac Sleeve

Sandport Open-Only Frac Sleeve


Features & Benefits

  • Install the Sandport frac sleeves in any sequence

  • Sleeves are lightweight and easy to handle on the rig floor for safe installation

  • The Sandport frac sleeves unique Surelocate profile assures a 100% positive locate and lock

  • The reclosable sleeves allows you to selectively shut off water production, unwanted gas production, and thief zones

  • Selectively control the influx of wellbore fluid stage-by-stage during the entire lifecycle of the well

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