We are relentlessly innovative.

With tens of thousands of hours spent in the field and in the shop,
our edge is our experience.


Advanced downhole technologies, expertly delivered.

Kobold Completions is a private oilfield service company based in Calgary, Alberta. Our specialization is coil-conveyed technology for well completions with leading-edge innovation on the horizon.

Integrating two high-growth technology market segments within the fracture stimulation process, Kobold enables clients to optimize reservoir production by deploying technologies in the drilling and completions oilfield services sector.

We’ve developed safe and cost-effective technologies for hydraulic fracture stimulation and completions data capture systems. By merging fracture imaging with proprietary frac delivery tool systems, we help increase productivity and reduce operational risk associated with the well completion process.

Get precision completions with real-time sleeve locate and shift confirmation at surface and at the head office. Optimized for use in vertical and horizontal production or injection wells, our tools are durably designed and rigorously tested to perform with all fluid types in extreme downhole environments.


Our technology’s edge is in its simplicity.


Kobold’s team has a proven track record of innovation and efficient capital investment.

Kobold’s management team is backed by decades of knowledge and experience in the international Oil and Gas industry. With over 30 years of R&D behind them, the team has authored and been named on more than 182 patents.

Our leadership has demonstrated disciplined investment strategies, deploying more than $400 million in drilling and completion assets. Their combined years of management experience include successful tenures at Tesco Corporation, TechniCoil, ARC Financial, HSE Integrated Ltd. and Frac Source Inc. This provides Kobold with the sound prudence to invest in our innovation, and focus on developing and commercializing disruptive technologies.