Abrasafrac Service

Casing Perforation Fracturing

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Kobold’s abrasive perforating tool quickly and accurately provides cuts at any location in the wellbore.


Kobold’s Abrasafrac service allow operators to cut new perforations, rather than bypassing producing zones.

The Abrasa cutting tool is a module attached to the Sandhawk bottomhole assembly. This provides the option to perforate casing as required, or if frac initiation cannot be achieved between sliding sleeve fracture applications. Fracture fluid is then pumped down the annulus or through coiled tubing to gain further zone initiation.

Kobold Abrasafrac Service in action

The Abrasafrac service seamlessly works with Kobold’s Surefrac service. During a frac program, stages can be added between sleeves if formation breakdown is proving to be a challenge.



  • Cemented liner or open hole

  • Horizontal and vertical wells

  • Oil or gas formations, and sour wells

  • Re-fracs or acid squeezes

  • Coiled tubing or jointed tubing applications

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Features & Benefits

  • The unique, multi-function design of the Sandhawk bottomhole assembly easily integrates with the Abrasa cutting tool to cut new zones to new or existing wellbores

  • Seamlessly add new stages in re-fractured wells

  • Operational flexibility to shift open and close sleeves with the ability to add cuts at any point in the well profile without pulling out of hole

  • Single tool trip completions


Casing Size

114.3 mm
(4.5 in.)

139.7 mm
(5.5 in.)

Casing Weight

17.26 - 20.09 kg/m
(11.60 - 13.50 lb/ft)

25.30 - 29.76 kg/m
(17.00 - 20.00 lb/ft)

Max. Differential

53,600 - 85,600 kPa
(7,780 - 12,410 psi)

73,400 - 87,100 kPa
(10,640 - 12,640 psi)