Surefrac Service

Unlimited Stage Fracturing

Sleeve Layer -Surefrac.png

The Surelocate feature of Kobold’s Sandhawk bottomhole assembly, assures positive sleeve locate at every frac stage for maximum speed and efficiency.

Kobold’s Surefrac service provides operators with a downhole system to fracture a well formation in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Faster sleeve locate and transition time between stages help reduce pumping, coil tubing and other associated operational costs. Kobold has engineered these downhole tools to ensure reliable results, while maximizing productivity over fracturing multiple stages.

The Surefrac service, with its Sandhawk bottomhole assembly, deliver unlimited stage sequencing within a frac program. The Surelocate feature reliably locates and locks only into our Sandport frac sleeve profile, providing operators with additional confidence at every stage.

These unique Kobold differentiators, enable the ability to always locate Sandport sleeves, open and/or close with confirmation, and quickly transition between stages.




  • Cemented liner or open hole

  • Horizontal and vertical wells

  • Oil or gas formations and sour wells

  • High pressure, high temperature

  • Matches or exceeds parent casing specifications

  • Lower fracture rates

  • Re-frac or acid placements

  • Coiled tubing or jointed tubing applications

  • High rate through-tubing capability

Kobold Surefrac Service in Action

Features & Benefits

  • Positive locate and lock at each stage

  • Unlimited stage fracture sequence

  • Full bore access

  • Single trip completion

  • Flow control during production

  • Sandport sleeves compact design for easy and safe handling on the rig floor

  • Post fracture flowback management alternatives

  • No ball seats required to drill out

  • Sleeve confirmation with Echo shift confirmation by surface visual verification

  • Guidehawk adds a complete memory instrumentation package

  • Fracture fluid optimization capability

  • Water flood shut off

  • Options for completions: open-only, open-frac-close and re-open at any future date

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Casing Size

114.3 mm
(4.5 in.)

139.7 mm
(5.5 in.)

Casing Weight

17.26 - 20.09 kg/m
(11.60 - 13.50 lb/ft)

25.30 - 29.76 kg/m
(17.00 - 20.00 lb/ft)

Max. Differential

53,600 - 85,600 kPa
(7,780 - 12,410 psi)

73,400 - 87,100 kPa
(12,410 - 12,640 psi)