Real-Time Frac Sleeve Shift Confirmation

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Real-time sleeve shift confirmation at surface.

A successful frac program requires dependable technology that reliably demonstrates downhole confirmation. Kobold has engineered Echo real-time frac sleeve confirmation system that instantly detects a mechanical event as it occurs downhole. This event creates an acoustic signature captured by the sensory-on-surface system. Kobold’s software displays a visual signature of when a sleeve is shifted by a mechanical bottomhole assembly or other means. Echo can communicate through a private and secure Wi-Fi connection, to visually chart the events at the site or from a remote location.

The Echo service provides clients with a transparent record of what occurred during the frac program. Echo saves time and second-guessing on location. We provide stage-by-stage confidence that our Sandport sleeves have been opened or closed with this real-time solution.


Kobold Echo Screen

The Echo Display Monitor

An example of the smartphone display monitor verifying the mechanical events the Echo captures as the bottomhole assembly cycles in-hole.





  • Minimal footprint on the wellhead with self-contained, secure Wi-Fi and battery pack

  • Kobold Tool Supervisor actively monitors the visual indicators to confirm downhole tool movements and successful stage shifts

  • The Echo attachment easily mounts directly on the wellhead in under five minutes

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Features & Benefits

  • Reliable shifting confirmation with private Wi-Fi network to view from anywhere in the world during completions

  • Accurately confirms depths of the downhole mechanical events

  • Positive depth confirmation at seven kilometers (4.3 miles) in a horizontal wellbore

  • Record real-time verification and overlay with Guidehawk downhole memory instrumentation sub to capture multiple data points