Why Coiled Tubing Fracturing?

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Increase efficiency and the benefits of precise stimulation with coiled tubing fracturing and Kobold’s completion systems.

Coiled tubing fracturing provides increased efficiency with a goal to achieve precise stimulation to the reservoir.

This completion method allows operators to selectively manage, measure and control downhole tools, screen-out recovery and wellbore integrity. Coiled tubing fracturing provides operators with increased control over their frac parameters, downhole pressures and access to the target formation.

The operational advantages of coiled tubing fracturing is the ability to adjust to downhole conditions, including:

  • Rapid mobilization and smaller footprint onsite

  • More control over depth, fluid volumes and downhole pressures while managing fracture placement into the target formation

  • Increased time and water usage savings.

The innovation of coiled tubing fracturing provides distinct advantages for frac programs. The operator can frac in any stage sequence and manage the reservoir pressure. Stages can also be closed after the frac, to mitigate proppant flow back. This allows time for the formation to heal before initiating production. The operator has the ability to re-enter the wellbore and remediate potential thief zones, leading to increased production.


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